Sometimes when I am working on my computer it freezes. At times I would just wait and wait for the connections to pick up and after a bit, I would realize that the issue is easy to fix if I just push a button or simply take the time to configure the system by playing with it. There are times that it takes a long time for me to realize that I can fix this problem which I could have tackled in the beginning and saved myself some valuable time. But instead what I do at times is avoid the problem which creates avoidance energy which is dark energy. I think that as I wait for the system to fix itself, I subconsciously know that I could have saved some time if I had taken the initiative.

Some connections can automatically reconnect to get you back but others you have to configure on your own. This means you can’t just sit and wait for the wires to reconnect by themselves. I know to some of us who have a bit of lazy streak in them—such as myself—this can be annoying, but taking the time to look into the problem can save so much more time in the long term. It’s kind of like the “wire’s” such as every aspect that makes us whole that we must navigate in life which we often try to avoid but somehow comes back to bite us in the end.

At first glance, the wires may seem a bit complicated but if we flow with the issue at hand and not look at it as the end of the world the problem is not as big or even significant as we make it out to be. But if we pretend it does not exist the wires may get even more complicated.

The wires are the relationships that interconnect us, our health that helps us perform at our best, and our works that provide us with a livelihood. All of these, are things that we can take the initiative on instead of ignoring because we think that everything will be resolved on its own.

As I am learning that holding on too hard is not good (check out my other blog about the “art” of letting go) but pretending it does not exist in hope that it will be resolved by itself will bring bad energy to the issue such as health, relationships, work and so on. Acknowledging there is a problem or that something is out of sorts with all of the “wires” that help us function properly is putting light into it which is better than avoidance.


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