We connect Families with Life Coaches to provide transitional skills to young adults with multiple intellectual, learning and developmental disabilities

Who Are We

Connecting Families with Care Professionals

We are here to build connections and healthy relationships between professionals and families who needs transitional support towards adulthood.

Let us help you find a professional to help you in this transitional journey

What We Offer

— Support Services for Young Adults

Our Life Coaches are specialize to provide support to help with growth, confidence and security.Receive Life Coaching Services in the comfort of your home. A service especially useful for young adults. Special attention given to enhance the production of overall aptitude.

— Providing Resources

At Elements, we sincerely believe in providing cutting edge resources so that you receive the quality care that you deserve.

— Career Support

Our Life Coaches are here to help with finding a job that is satisfying to individual needs. Our support system is designed to successfully provide job searching, completing the application process, prepping for interviews, maintaining and growing within your position. Let us be of help in achieving some of your career ambition

— Life Coaching

Everyone learns differently. We make it our mission to coach each individual at their own pace. We help with skills that are paramount to survive as an adult with disabilities. We help with cooking, cleaning, interpersonal relationships, renting, staying healthy (i.e.. exercising, eating...), hygiene as well as managing financial goals. Our Life Coaches have many years of experience and the education to help with the many life skills that will help you move forward. Money is one of the main issues we all struggle with; anybody could use some help to stay within budget or in reaching specific goals. We help making payments on rent, utilities, groceries and any other miscellaneous bills. We also provide help to plan and save for special splurges you've been wanting. Let us help you with these essential skills.

— Life Skills

If your find yourself contemplating what happens after high-school, we have a team of highly trained professionals to provide guidance and assistance with planning next steps. We recognize that special needs require special treatment, Providing care in the homes of young adults with various disabilities. We provide support and teaching of vital skills such as budgeting, career engagement, navigating transit, shopping, and social awareness. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn but we understand that everyone needs help in different ways.

— Social Support

Let Elements provide positive social support. Remember that a good life is all about maintaining a healthy balance. Life without fun and play, can become stressful and sometimes even depressing. Elements helps to build a network of friends and establish quality relationships. We know how important it is to connect with others, and believe in maintaining quality relationships. Everyone has an innate need for human connections. In view of initiating sound relationships, we help create a healthy environment of friendship and camaraderie. Likewise, we also help build confidence in public navigation such as transportation, mass market, and other eventful scenery in the community. We help carry the day by providing space and time for fun, silliness, and easy learning on how to let loose and have a good time.

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