The Taste of Ice Cream

I remember how much I LOVED ice cream as a little girl;, especially chocolate. As I got older my taste buds evolved to the more “exotic” ice cream, such as rum and raisin, pistachio, chunky monkey, Cherry Garcia, etc. These days as I make it my business to maintain healthy foods in my home, I’ve limited the content of ice creams that I have in my refrigerator to one or if I’m being spontaneous I may have two containers of different ice creams. The taste of ice cream or the excitement I used to have about it is not the same. From what I clearly remember as a little girl, just the thought of ice cream even if it was not chocolate made me all tingly inside, or I felt a bit of magic just thinking about it. Somehow, as an adult, that magic has been slowly dissipating from my taste buds. I say slowly because I refuse to let this magic go away as I make it my business to be conscious of the fun parts of my life that I so cherish.

Many people lose the magic that comes with having the anticipation and enjoyment of ice cream, amongst other things. As we get older the spontaneity to maintain our excitements about our food, going to a movie, hanging out with friends, playing games slowly dissolve. If we don’t make a conscious effort in not letting these wonderful magic’s disappear, we lose the fun of life. I love this quote from Dr. Seuss, “life may be a ‘Great Balancing Act,’ but through it all ‘There’s fun to be done.'” Life is indeed a “Great Balancing Act” and we so often find ourselves balancing the not so fun things such as paying the bills, working long hours, laundry, grocery shopping and so on. Although we do need to balance these responsibilities often “fun” may get put in the back burner, so we get accustomed to just being busy that we forget how to have fun and we lose the magic of being excited by the little things that give us pleasure such as ice cream.

It is often hard for most people to balance these acts and also maintain the fun that is to be done. Our life coaches at Elements know that it’s a greater challenge at times for individuals with special needs to balance that part of life so they won’t feel overwhelmed. Our life coaches make it a part of the puzzle to help our clients enjoy the ice creams in their lives when they are facing with having to work a bit harder to overcome some of the other pertinent life skills. We know that all work and no fun is not a life, so we make it our priority to bring out the joys or/and work with our clients at identifying what gives them joy, so they can live a life of spontaneity.


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