The Seeds

The seed that is sewn can be a smile, a helping hand, a phone call/text, making a grocery list and sticking to it, washing your hands, taking a walk, listening….and so on. There are so many mustard seeds to sew in our daily lives that make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

These things may seem trivial as we do them because often we are living unconsciously.

For example, if you go on not washing your hands after performing a task that is called for it, more likely you will be prone to germs which can get you sick, which in turn keep you from your daily other duties. Washing your hands may seem like a small action, but the smallest “acts” are usually at the core of the ultimate outcomes and the biggest resolutions. All of the small Elements of integration play a significant role in the continuation of things that may appear insignificant at first glance. Teaching a child to wash his or her hands when needed at an early age, is a substantial life skill. That child has formed a habit of hygienic practice at an early age. With that small habit, that child is learning not only about hygiene but most importantly health.

Health is a significant life skill to have because without health there is very little that you can do. The life skills to take better care of your health are indeed small but are great acts. This skill is one that takes time and practice to help form the needed habits. The professional life skill coaches focus on the overall health of the client to help ensure that they are at their best. We believe that one cannot be at their best if that small but big foundation of health is not in place. We look at everything such as sleeping, eating, exercising habits, and so many other interconnect piece that affects an individual’s overall health.

Individuals with special needs often need more care when it comes to health. If they are taking any medications this often can affect them in so many ways such as sleep deprivations or too much, eating habits, energy levels and moods. The life coaches at Elements are cognizant of such effects and makes health a big part of the seed that is sewn from the beginning of their coaching sessions.

Being conscious of the little seeds and the role that they play to make a difference in our lives. Most of the times the little seeds affects us in tremendous ways.

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