Have you noticed how all of the cars pull over when there is an ambulance? I know that it’s the law, but I’m amazed, every time it happens. How everyone just pulls over to make way for the ambulance to get by and get to the hospital or destination to pick up the patient. I get this chill that makes me feel that as human beings we have each other’s back when needed. We step up to the plate and reach out to make things easier.

What happens after the emergency? I was at a service just recently and my pastor shared the story of where he was at when 9/11 occurred and he indicated that he was at a retreat in Maine and they heard the news of the planes crashing into a building and he thought it was a small plane. They went and gathered to watch what was happening on television and they were stunned to find out that that was not the case; the fact is they were big planes, which were attacking multiple buildings. He indicated that everyone just left the retreat and they were not thinking about anything else but to find their loved ones. This was a touching story because I remember where I was and I left because I was looking for my loved one. I spoke to my older sister who was the first to tell me to turn on the television as I was working; she was okay but I had this urge to make sure that my little sister was okay. I went to her school to get her out of there and they indicated that they were okay and are safe. I remember thinking that I just needed to make sure my people were safe. I also remember thinking I want all of us to be okay, not just “my people” I was a bit somber and shocked that whole day. I went to class feeling a deep loss. As I’m grateful that I did not experience a direct loss but in the grand scheme of things I did, we all did.  We lose a part of us when anything bad happens to any of us because I truly feel that we are interconnected energies.

When the emergency is gone or dissipated we lose that sense of unity. We forget that at any moment we can lose one another. Why do we so often need an emergency to pull over and put everything aside to give one another our conscious love? I know we have this magic inside of us to care so much that whatever else that we were doing will be put aside without a thought just so we can make sure that our fellow human is okay. I’m guilty of this forgetting attitude because I get too caught up in “my life” and the “business” to take time to pull over for what is most important such as my family, friends, or being of service. It’s a sad thing when we are so caught up in the wheel of things that it takes an emergency to remind us of what is important.

I suggest we should all make it our priority to pull over and give attention where it is most important, not just needed.


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