By definition, GOALS are defined as the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

An effort has to be directed. Without effort, a goal is simply an ideal. Ideals are great but do not necessarily produce results on their own. I’m an idealist at my core. Some may view me as an ambitious person, which I will not deny, but my goals are those of an idealist. What I’m learning, and will continue to learn, is that my idealist view does not always produce results.

As such, I have been working to solidify more concrete expectation for my goals, in order to focus on the outcome and generate results. I’m a work in progress. I think that it’s possible for idealism and fear to coincide when it comes to goals. Perhaps it’s the notion that there may be an end to the goal. An “end” is a part of the goal? This bothers me. Why? To me, that means that it’s over, after working on my goal, putting forward “efforts”, an ending can be a disappointing and stagnant thing. The goal at hand has come to completion. However, is it indeed over? I don’t think any goal is ever over. I think a part of any pursuit is a continuum of something else. It’s a puzzle of the life that we are putting together. Piece by piece, to create a bigger picture with more elaborate goals and even better results!

For example, let’s look at having a goal to run a marathon. The runner must begin by exercising to increase strength, agility, and momentum. However, this is just the beginning. Practice increases timing, and clarity of mental state. The more energy exuded, the better the results and focus. However, once accomplished, according to the definition of goals, and “end” is in order. My belief is that this ending is a new beginning of personal growth and a piece of the puzzle that connects an initial goal to bigger and better goals and outcomes in the future.

 After completing a goal for many, there is a loss of passion and the initial inspiration that ignited the goal in the first place. What I’m learning, is that once you have come to an “end” of a specific desire, it’s time to meditate on what is interconnected within this wish, and make it a point to continue on that journey, so the momentum keeps the fire alive.



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