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Account Management

Q: How do I find the email address I used to enroll?

     A: You can check your mailbox. You would have received a message from us confirming your registration. 

Q: How do I post a job?  

     A: It’s important to remember when you are posting a job is one of the most effective ways of getting quality, targeted applicants for your specific needs. In a job post, you add general information and a detailed description about what you’re looking for (for example, specific hours and your hourly pay). This tells any candidates what the responsibilities and expectations are for the position.  Steps to posting a job: 

Log in to your account.
If you do not already have an account create one by clicking register. As you navigate the forms select the items that are more fitted to your needs.

Q: How do I close a job?

      A: Login to your account and go to setting you can select pause or delete the job 

 Q: How do I edit my personal information?

      A: Login to your account select your profile and setting. 

 Q: How do I upload a photo?

      A: As you’ve created an account you will see where to upload images and additional documents. 

Q: How do I reset my password?

     A: From the account. Click forgot password and enter your email. We will send you and email with a link to change your password. 

 Q: How can I message with a professional?

     A: Click on the professional profile you wish to connect with and click message and you will be able to send him or her a direct message. 

Q: How can I post a review on a professional?

     A: Click on the professional profile and click review, you will be able to write your review. 

Q: Does get involve with the contract that I set with a family

     A: No. only connect individuals that are in needs of support with professionals to help with transitional needs of young adults that are in need of support. We do not get involved in any contractual agreement. It is the responsibility of all party (families and professionals) responsibilities to decide if a working relationship would be complimentary to the needs. Please make sure to read our Terms of use: /terms-of-service/


Subscription & Billing

Q: How do I close my account?

      A: After you are login your profile, click on it and you will have the option to delete or pause your account. 

Q: Does Elements offer refunds?

       A: Elements does offer refunds up to 2 days as a paid subscriber, if you are enjoying the 7-days trial you will be refunded up to 7 days. After the 7 days, we will not offer a refund. 

Q: Why isn’t my credit card being accepted?

       A: Please make sure that you are entering a valid credit card number. 


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