Sometimes when I am working on my computer it freezes. At times I would just wait and wait for the connections to pick up and after a bit, I would realize that the issue is easy to fix if I just push a button or simply take the time to configure the system by playing …

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The Taste of Ice Cream

I remember how much I LOVED ice cream as a little girl;, especially chocolate. As I got older my taste buds evolved to the more “exotic” ice cream, such as rum and raisin, pistachio, chunky monkey, Cherry Garcia, etc. These days as I make it my business to maintain healthy foods in my home, I’ve …

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Have you noticed how all of the cars pull over when there is an ambulance? I know that it’s the law, but I’m amazed, every time it happens. How everyone just pulls over to make way for the ambulance to get by and get to the hospital or destination to pick up the patient. I …

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Art of Letting Go.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things especially if we have an attachment or an expectation. Reality can be hash when there is wishful thinking. Wishful thinking can be great to help with motivations and keep us inspired. The problem is when we are in denial about the reality of things. We tend to get so consumed with the idea of a situation but ignore what is shown to us.

The Seeds

The seed that is sewn can be a smile, a helping hand, a phone call/text, making a grocery list and sticking to it, washing your hands, taking a walk, listening….and so on. There are so many mustard seeds to sew in our daily lives that make a difference in the grand scheme of things. These …

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