Art of Letting Go.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things especially if we have an attachment or an expectation. Reality can be harsh when there is wishful thinking. Wishful thinking can be great to help with motivations and keep us inspired. The problem is when we are in denial about the reality of things. We tend to get so consumed with the idea of a situation but ignore what is shown to us.

Letting go with ease is an art that has to be mastered because timing and discernment plays a role. The reason I say discernment is because sometimes you really have to be aware of if it’s time to let go or if you should withstand the battle. Letting go can be making decisions about a job, relationship, goals, etc. The hardest decision is letting go of a relationship that is not working. Relationships are found in many areas such as the workplace, romantic, family and so on. These are the type of relationships that can definitely leave you perplexed as to how to keep them or just simply let go.

Being discerning helps you manage your time better because you can waste time on a situation that has no possibility to get better or you can let a situation go without giving it time to get better. So, how do you make the decision of either stay or let go of a situation that you are perplexed about? You breath, yes breath. I know that sounds crazy and a bit too simple but the truth is breathing with the flow is not at all easy. It’s a very hard practice. When I was in one of my yoga classes, I met a couple of women whom just seem to flow in there asana’s (different yoga positions), I was so impressed because I struggle greatly with going with the flow and letting go. So, as I’m in a journey into my practice I would ask my yoga mates about how to achieve such flow. I often get the same answer, “just let go, your body will get you there”. When I hear this feedback I always know that this is true but because of the need to control everything in my life, I still find myself at times resisting and in the process, I do not breathe. When you are not breathing everything is tense and everything around you feel so consuming which can be a bit overwhelming.

Breathing is so important in finding that space of clarity. It helps us get a better perspective on our decisions to allow us to be discerning without being impulsive and save us a lot of regrets.

Stay in Alignment. 

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