About us

Elements founded in 2007- offer an online directory to families to connect them with Life Coaching, Medical, and Law professionals for all of their transitional life skills. We aim to help families with transitional young adults with multiple intellectual, learning and developmental disabilities. Find the best psychologists, life coaches, behavioral therapists, and other mental healthcare professionals. We understand the transition into adulthood for individuals with multiple intellectual, learning and developmental disabilities can be scary and uncertain, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • For families, our digital platform provides a simple, comprehensive solution for finding, connecting family with life skills transition coaches and professionals in the medical, and law fields for young individuals 13 years old -beyond with various disabilities to help make life easy. 
  •  For professionals, we provide a platform for finding high-quality jobs, that can lead to sustainable, meaningful careers working with individuals that need transitional support as they move towards adulthood.

Elementsservices.org was founded with an understanding that as an individual reaches a certain age he or she would flourish at having self-sufficiency. This is what brought on a platform to help individuals that have various disabilities become successful in their lives by connecting them with professionals to provide life skills and resources to help them as they get older. By doing so, we are creating a platform infrastructure that allows families to find the help they need with the professionals that specialize in working with individuals that have various disabilities.  

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