Transitional Life Coaching for young adults with multiple intellectual, learning and developmental disabilities

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Who Are We

Helping you find a transitional life coach

We recognize the experiences of life bring joy and challenge to everyone. However, those with special needs deserve a little extra care and attention, paired with an honorable approach to life’s navigation and the corresponding development of essential life skills. Significant questions such as what happens after high school, or what happens when your child is transitioning to a place of more independence and social development, are both common and necessary considerations.

At Elements, our goal is to ensure a solid support system, and to embrace the foundation of day to day living. Elements specializes in many things, including staples like hygienic practices, mastering daily finances, career support, social interaction, and much more. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive realm of support and tools, to aid in well-adjusted and independently motivated successes for every day life. Elements has been committed to providing a network of support since 2007.


To connect compassionate professionals with families and individuals who are in need of support services such as coaching and navigation towards the enrichment and development of life skills, and a productive integration within society.

Core Values

— Integrity

At Elements, we provide an honest environment with integrity at the core of all that we do. We are highly trained, certified to boot, and come from a background that is truly sensitive to differing needs, and provides the highest quality care in the industry. Care is as important to us as it is to you!

— Care

We believe that family goes well beyond the intermediate, and believe that the most honorable way to do business is to treat each person with respect and dignity, providing care and skills to last a lifetime.

— Trust

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining lasting relationships with each person we have the privilege to work with.

We Specialize In

— Daily Essentials

Hygiene and cooking are two activities that many take for granted. Elements recognizes that these, among other primary skills are essential, and do not come as easily to some as they do to others. We offer coaching to enhance abilities associated with hygiene, cooking, shopping, etiquette, and social interaction.


Providing financial guidance regarding such things as rental payments, utilities, the cost of groceries and household necessities, is highly regarded. Elements can assist with financial planning, monthly obligations and budgeting, as well as the achievement of personal savings goals and ambitions.

Navigation and Transportation

Independence is best achieved with tools to understand the navigation systems in place to get from one point to another. Elements can teach skills such as reading a bus schedule, or planning for a trip on a train. Even walking to a local supermarket may be challenging for some. The team at Elements is able to meld the challenge in to an opportunity to grow and build upon confidence and end results.

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